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Brockton James: Where Dreams Begin
Featuring 10 tracks (total playing time: 56:39)
(Song samples are :30 to :40 and under 1M file size):

1. Rhythm in Solitude (Listen to Mp3 sample)
2. Reflections Within
3. Beautiful Ways (Listen to Mp3 sample)
4. Visions of Springtime (Listen to Mp3 sample)
5. The Edge of Thought
6. Inner Realm
7. Journey of the Night (Listen to Mp3 sample)
8. Sea of Illusion (Listen to Mp3 sample)
9. A Beacon in the Night
10. Spirit of a New Dawn

This CD represents several years and untold hundreds of hours of work! Many times I have had to put my own material on "hold" in order to complete other worthwhile projects and tend to other business committments, but I believe that everything comes into its own when it's supposed to--at the proper time! I am proud and excited to finally present to you, "Where Dreams Begin." Whether you choose to purchase the entire CD, or download individual selections from any of the popular download sites, I am forever grateful and I thank you for your interest in my music! May all your dreams become reality! Peace and Harmony--Brockton James, September 17, 2007.

All contents, including images and audio, Copyright 2007 James. All rights reserved.